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             Callum Toner


Callum Toner, better known as Cal, is a rising artist from Ocean City, MD. Breaking into the music industry with her new hit single 'If I could' along with many others including 'Testing my patience', she is a brilliant young mind, with extraordinary musical versatility.


While proving her dedication with multiple showcases weekly, she ignites the audiences energy in every room. Whether it be on on their feet dancing and shouting back lyrics or a soft smooth rhythm, Cal never disappoints. While performing solo, or correlating with a band she always delivers a top notch performance.


Providing sonics from classic rock to modern pop, Cal is
perfect for your next event. With many professional experiences on large stages, she exudes a very comfortable and at ease energy in front of all audiences. Along with her down to earth personality, and charm she makes the perfect persona for intimate occasions as well.

"Callum’s unique sound and essence capture your attention. The flavor in her vocals come from her soul and touch yours. I love how she puts “The Callum Touch” on classic songs, and shares herself in her originals.  This girl is the real deal!".  

Monique - OC Beat


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